Goal: weight loss

Result: lost 3.6kg/8lb which is over half a stone and 7 inches

I've always thought that I had a comfortable weight that i couldn't get below without starving myself and being miserable! The healthy habits plan definitely taught me that is not the case! The approach is to retrain your brain, through clever but simple psychology, to ditch bad habits and create new healthier ones! I don't think I've ever heard of a program that looks to change your thoughts and approach to food in this way!

I definitely became aware that my thought processes were changing during the 10 week program, and praise/encouragement from everyday mum that lifts really helped boost my confidence and belief in myself!

 LESLEY ROSS (Age 31) 

Goal: weight loss

Result: lost 2.7kg/6 lb which is just under half a stone and 6.5 inches 

I have done many plans and none have been as easy and realistic to follow as this one. I have 2 kids so I desperately needed something easy to understand and follow, that wasn't time consuming and that was going to help me make long term changes and help me be more organised. It really helped me understand that it's not just about calorie counting but also choosing meals that are the right balance in carbs, protein and fats.

The plan has helped me change my lifestyle to a much healthier one and it just happened naturally through forming more healthy habits, I highly recommend this plan!


Goal: weight loss

Result: lost 2.9kg/6.5 lb which is nearly half a stone and 5 inches

I'm so chuffed! Everyday mum that lifts was an absolute star and I can't thank her enough for helping me achieve my goals. It's unbelievable how the accumulation of lots of little tiny things can be changed into healthy habits and in turn, become positive. Thank you so much!


Goal: weight loss

Result: lost 4kg/9 lb 

Being one of the most sceptical people around with regards to diets, healthy eating plans etc.... I never believe that the person in the pics are the same people! However after completing 10 weeks of this plan, my brain has been retrained into a healthier lifestyle and I'm now the one who's in the pics....Yep it's me!!!! This was the kick up the backside I needed so THANKYOU!


Goal: weight gain

Result: added 3kg/7 lb half a stone 

I followed the healthy habits plan for the last 10 weeks and loved seeing the change from overall health to body shape! Greatly detailed and very responsive emails weekly to see how your doing. My goal was to put on weight/muscle over the weeks and was achieved following this plan.

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