The healthy habits plan

Why choose this plan:

Ultimately I know just how hard it is to manage the time needed to keep fit, cook healthy meals, be mindful' and the rest.....we are all under so much pressure these days to 'do it all' and I don't know about you, but sometimes I find it pretty overwhelming. That is why having a focus on you, your health and trying to live a healthier lifestyle will help you to manage the stresses of daily life and hopefully give you back the control you need.

I want to show you that there are always ways to make even the smallest of changes that can help you towards a healthier lifestyle, however little time you have or however busy you are. The plan is definitely not a quick fix, it is about empowering you to make healthier choices for your long term health. 

We are bombarded with differing information in the media on the best way to lose weight, the best way to exercise, the best way to eat and so on and it can get confusing:

The plan benefits:

  • Easy to follow, easy to understand and you have the relevant information you need in the one place

  • You will learn the basics of food and the importance of taking in the correct amount of calories for you

  • You will learn to track what you eat and drink so you become aware of every single thing you put in your mouth

  • I will be with you for 10 weeks answering any questions you have via email and giving you the support you need

The plan content:

  • Introduction

  • Habits

  • Breaking bad habits

  • Food and drink

  • Get started, personalised goals and calorie tracking

  • Healthy hacks

  • Recommendations (reference sources)

  • Optional progress sheet

  • Golden rules sheet

  • Starter shopping list

  • Weekly menu planner template


  • I will provide you with a weekly food idea/recipe

  • I will answer any questions via email once a week


£12 per week for 10 weeks payable up front

What now:

Sign up clicking on the button below, fill out the information form and I will respond via email to ask any further questions and provide a payment link.

Start the first 10 weeks of the rest of your life!

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