The first 10 weeks of the rest of your life...

Healthy habits introduction

There are always ways to make even the smallest of changes that can help you towards a healthier lifestyle no matter how busy you are.

I am passionate about helping you do this which is why I have created my healthy habits plan at

What is the healthy habits plan?

  • A 10 week plan which will kick start you into healthy habits, empowering you in making more informed, better choices around eating and drinking.


  • A personalised framework based on your daily intake of food & drink that provides recommendations to assist you in creating good habits

  • That is tailored towards your personal goals be it weight loss, weight gain or just learning to maintain your weight by making healthier choices

Find out more in the section 'about healthy habits' above (or if viewing on a mobile see navigation menu top right) or sign up using the button below!


Welcome to the first 10 weeks of the rest of your life! 

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